It is official : I am removing myself from Social Media (Mewe)

It is with a slight heavy heart as of Thursday 25th of May 2023 I made a decision to completely remove my social media account (Mewe®). I am simply at a point in life, being so inundated with obligations in and outside of bound(s) to no longer have any time left, if any worth building my social media presence.

I have spent, silently-  all those however few “enthusiastic” days – past occasional midnights, 1 or 2 AM pull over(s) ~  troubleshooting WordPress® backend, writing the next chapter as part of my new manuscript, the on-going troubleshoot(s) on front-end web development, or design sandboxing as part of the rebranding.

And I still have a mountain to go.

All this, is just to name a few, on top of my bread and butter. Before there’s the training routines. Before the time needed for me to unwind each and every time before another personal hustle begins. And before for a fact that I will have to relocate sometime this 3/4 of the year ~ whilst re-saving entirely new a deposit. Imagine trying to “undo” ~ seven years of savings hardship ~ aka. through virtue-signalling-fuelled welfare. Imagine now slapped with a deadline that you have to somehow, reclaim all that you’ve lost, in just a span of two years. On one (1) single income, one profession but owning accross multiple industry discipline/s, entirely yourself. Oh and also, I have to somehow sell my home in time.

Counting to full year and half facing all these constant(s) ~ do I still have time or energy to even look at my own social media? To be quite frank, no.

My necessities overlap, often on a minute by minute basis, other than the computer screen. Mortgage repayments. micro investment downturns. Strata fees. Interest rates. Food inventory assesments. Calorie tracking. KPI(s), at work. The bills on the fridges.

Indeed I have been conditioned not to “complain” if at all. Yet I am a human. A need to remain authentically human as such ~ that it is time I am forthcoming that I am not, after all, invincible.

Those (if any) thinking us all “Influencers” have it easy. I urge you to continue dreaming. Only wake up ~ once you are ready to face reality.

…. Driving around in BMWs, Tesla’s and/or live off inheritance(s). Take your stereotypical dream. I don’t exist in such a realm. 

*So what is happening now / moving forward#*

I aim to keep all of my archived posts, including that of the entire Google+ takeout archive, for anyone to download, no obligation. For those who are not up to speed, throughout 2019-2020 Google+ decided to shut itself down for good, and therefore, back then ~ the only avenue was for me to consider “moving” my content elsewhere. At that time, only Mewe® was available to readily import all of Google+ data intact.

I shall let curiosity(s) to witness and judge just how much work I’ve spent all those years, building this concept initiative without all purchased bot likes, endless spamming advertisements, Google ads, automation, AI and ChatGPT.

Precisely 9PM at 25th Of May ~ I have already made evidence (video) that I confirmed my deletion.

I will soon remove all links and URLs that directs to my Mewe® social media profile.

What is left then? I confide that my blog ( remains exactly as they are at present. Until of course ~ my entire rebranding and website redevelopment AND complete and exhaustive parent manuscript rewriting is sufficiently complete. By that time, This entire website will be replaced by its wordpress alternate staging site. Finger crossed, that were everything is to run smoothly, this entire website will be simply replaced by new domain name, and with my entirely new rebranding – visual identity for Nutritional Humility, since 2020….

Alas, today, is whatever day it is destined to be.

I decided to no longer be part of developing my social media channel. I just cannot. Despite experiences at joining a few “camps”, they remain the same “camps” as just exactly that ~ tribal, dogmatic mentality ~ crowded implodingly in their own mantra(s) and esoteric baggage(s). On top of that ~ endless amount of fake persona(s) and fake users nudging everywhere.

Nonetheless, I shall continue working onwards elsewhere. My own work. This work, whatever it is you currently see in front of you.

I am now facing a 300+ page manuscript, recently that has been entirely had to be reformatted on a different software, that still needs at least a “few” more feature chapter(s).  I will try to continue “sharing a sneak peek drafts”, depending on how ready my writing(s) are, obviously at my own discretion.



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