Humility Says Hello To The World

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To all the people, the citizens, the wealthy, the affluent, the struggling, the few and the many – I hereby would like to present to you all Humility Through Frugality™ Revised First Book Edition / Public Edition. A book to incentivise you to live within your own means and curiosities.

Finally, the moment is here. The book, the custom website (with custom purchased domain/s),  this humbly css-customised blog and (of course) – the three full featured; three minutes each – motion graphic / self-video productions Humility Through Frugality™ (Keto, Keto-Pescetarian Vegan and Standard 40/40/20 dietary contexts) – now published live to the world.

Three years of curated life-felt, experiences. 200+ recording FCPX event shots. 245 pages of manuscript. Nine man-months of branding, production, research-curation/s, citations, development, writing and authoring hours.

And one vision to share for the world has just begun; all to incentivise you to live within your own means and curiosities. Revised first book edition version 1.1 / ebook edition now available free for public viewing, reading, reception and download.
The Motion Graphics / Video Productions:
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