Humility Says Hello to the world (Version 1.3 / August-December 2016)

Humility Says Hello to the world (Manuscript Version 1.3 / August-December 2016)
  • This blog feature relates to the legacy / prior projects ( / Humility Through Frugality).
  • This is an archived post which may or may not have undergone further editing for readership accessibility. 

Download now This book / manuscript remains free for all to view, review and download. However please respect the fact that the PDF is encrypted to restrict further re-printing at any public’s end.

What’s New – Manuscript Version 1.3

Here I wish to disclose over the few new features, questions and amendments throughout the manuscript. However it is more or the less yet another revision of all written content as well as the  introduction and overviews upon the “softer” skills of frugality – eg. realising and identifying what and how Contextual Aspect/s – that truly encompass the largest of this update. 

  • Up to 15 pages of redundant content removed. I hereby apologises for the unforeseen fact that whilst upon revisiting the Version 1.2 after a number of months of public release I truly wished as though there were many “redundant” elaborations removed. Hence as many 15 pages of content were removed from the previous total. This; to me helps paving the way and space for more new features and relevant questions to be included in due course.
  • A guidance and elaboration of Contextual Aspects of needs and sustenance. These are discussed at the beginning; allowing the readers to pre-emptively gauging upon where and how they fit into a pre-determined series of context’s. This greatly helps delineating the “one-sustenance-fits-all” approach and more as a generalised softer – introduction for appreciating and understanding the implicit variabilities amongst many individual’s circumstances and pursuits.
  • General / various manuscript text revisions and amends. Another exhaustive, various intensive manuscript text revisions and amends. For keeping and maintaining legibility and overall readability throughout many sections of the book.
  • NEW QUESTION/S added & featured – Carb Cycling and modified Ketogenic Principles. Here I have shared with the readers an overview of TKD (Targeted) and CKD (Cyclical) modified approach/es to the Ketogenic regime. Whilst these are by no means EXTENSIVE NOR COMPLETE – for the sake of protecting intellectual properties of various sources – very technicals on How To’s and advanced information’s are NOT discussed. 
  • Updated ALL PLANS (from $20 to $50 per week) with updated pricing/s across all nutritional plans. Sample dietary “snapshot” food intake plans are also updated to reflect these changes in effect.
Every other features from the last Update (Version 1.2) remained as they are. Please submit to me your thoughts and feedbacks.

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