Humility Says Hello to the World (Version 1.75x)

Humility Says Hello to the World (Version 1.75x)

Welcome to the Internet’s least visited alternative thoughts on wellness and nutrition. The next Book revision is now shareable and downloadable. If you are new to this space please acquaint yourselves by Starting Here.

What’s new (V1.750) May – July 2019.

These may appear to be minor at first sight. But on top of (further) readability improvements & overhaul/s, I feel compelled to elaborate many of the vague questions throughout The Book. Work on this update began almost immediately after Version 1.7 (around March). Evidently by the sub-numeric versioning requirements; which readers may or may not notice immediately at the Contents page.

Sub-numeric versioning.

Firstly, I believe it’s time to introduce sub decimal versioning. To the best of my knowledge this is the only way to pragmatically accomodate growing number of revisions. Starting with Version 1.75x. “X” being sub decimal versioning from Zero (0) to nine (9). For example Version 1.750 to 1.759.

Suffice to say I truly underestimated the sheer diverse topics for concern. Stemming from just how deceptively as simple a theme as “Nutritional Frugality”. This is after all, where Philosophy meets both Science and Pragmatism.

I’m glad to say that the removal of more than fifty (50) redundant pages back from last painstakingly major update Version 1.7(0) allowed me to revise the following list of changes as follows.


Food preparation & cooking update + safe/unsafe additives chart.

I’ve revised the food preparation guide, alongside few citations that readers find interesting. Also I share guidelines on handling and cooking economy meat sources. Commonly suspected with high concerns of Omega 6 PUFA fats which are prone to excess oxidations during very high-temperature cooking.

Further, I’ve compiled out of many hours a listing of what seems to be safe, and not so safe – synthetic additives, fillers and preservatives for all discerning readers. This likely will be revised and updated on future versions.


Revised questions on Ketogenic Diet & Intermittent Fastings.

Having recently experienced the more (dire) fasting protocol, I decided to revisit questions surrounding IF. As an ode to Pedestrian Normalcy’s angst and frowns against imagery of “Bingeing” (Feasting) and “Purging” (Fasting) – I have set aside a space entirely rationalising why such a sentiment should not be frowned upon.

Further, I’ve included more citations of Ketogenic Diet’s increasingly sound practices amidst Type-1 Diabetic individuals. I’ve included more studies addressing pregnancies and hypothyroidism concerns within Ketogenic intervention. All this is in the featured table “Physiological Compatibility Concerns” within Chapter 10 “Ketogenic Methods FAQs, Training & Fasting”.

I’ve asserted some assurance amidst this section – that for amongst many of you suspecting I have some vested interest in connecting “Religion” and “Science” of fasting?  All just rumours. 

I have also revised the Ketogenic “What to expect” timeline spanning from few weeks to entire year. Readers are to take note that this is entirely coming off from an anecdotal experience. There is just so much more to this I wish to add; but keeping my audience waiting is unwise. Hence expect to see revisions on this at later point in time; should the overall capacity and scoping of pages allow for more inputs. 


Questions surrounding instant / “economic” foods.

Here I address various concerns surrounding consumption of beans, legumes and (a toast to our college days) – instant noodles. More research and citations here are included to justify why I do not entirely condone very regular consumption and reliance on this food supply.


Where to buy resources + Recommended further resources for reading.

I decided to willingly share a listing of retailers I recommend for all scrutinising budgets. This is located early within “Protein Supplementations & Resources” chapter. As an extra mile, I provide some recommendations to strategise your purchasing based on time, and distance of travel should it pose concern. By no means however I am in anyway endorsed, paid or compensated by sharing these listings of identities, companies and/or trademarks.

If you find these useful, you can certainly have all the time of your life, sooner or later – to leave a comment on this Blog. Just beware, that these are aimed within Perth, Western Australian demographics. Other states however may have their own similar establishment of independent farmers/grocery shops. 

This Book nonetheless, is not aimed as a “free-for-all” sharing of sensitive Intellectual Property. I’ve prepared a section entirely dedicated to disclosing various text sources that I wholeheartedly recommend purchasing. This section is located immediately after the Bibliography section.


New Sub section: Interpreting Medical Literature.

Rest assured, This Book is never aimed towards statisticians nor will it impress Biochemist post graduates. If by some remote chances it did, colour me surprised (or even skeptical). For quite some time I have always wanted to “bravely” share my own explanations on the confusing terminologies surrounding published medical literatures. This sub section is located right at the end before the special “prologue”. Given its subjective correctness in nature (in the interest of simplifying for the lay audience) this remain subject to further revisions overtime.

Obviously, this isn’t perfect. Time and space constraints of the book imposes such great difficulty for me to balance between motivational readability and scientific curiosity.


Lastly, a new overall branding tagline & blurb.

Nutritional / Food Authenticity, Individuality, Resilience. One meal. One question at a time. 

This Book & Project, circa 2015 – remains free for all reading and viewing. Like “Air”, Nature is neither forgiving nor benign. However, remains “Free” to the interpretations of its witnesses. Human or not human. Flora or Fauna. All of Nature’s interpretations – are free as air. 

I don’t care if this book speaks to only one (1) individual other than myself. But I wonder, what impacts this book have. My hunch suggests he/she’d be so initially put off by its nauseating attention to detail. Citations and information overload. 

If they do happen to read my Book again, unashamedly this time with openness and lateral thinking, a scientific revolution might yet be brewing.

I can only guarantee nonetheless, that this book is assuredly beyond “Frugality” or Nutritional Science. It is a calling for change of scientific thinking altogether.

A paradigm shift by one person alone; unlike any other.


<end of changes>.

Prior versions.

I honestly declare my opinion that reading prior versions is not recommended. Because their readability remains unrefined compared to the latest versioning. The following blog posts nonetheless presents all revision trail/s as history; cumulatively towards this very present versioning thus far.

Free as Air – for all sharing, viewing and reviewing.
Peace is Contextual Sufficiency. Violence is Contextual Insufficiency.

Andrew Wiguna / AW™ /

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