Humility says hello to the world (Version 1.753)

What's New (Version 1.753 April-May 2020)

Another meaningful revision done. Now available for Download. Free for viewing and reviewing. If you are new here the first time, please acquaint yourselves first by clicking here.

What’s New (V1.753 April-May 2020)

**Minor Update ~ September 2020**

To remain consistent with the public beta release of Self Enquiry Journalling Tool (0.1) the manuscript has been updated with brief overview, goals and aspirations behind the importance of Self-Enquiring Journal, this is evident as per the re-amended title chapter “Self-Enquiry & Putting it all Together”.

1/4 Micronutrient interactions subchapter

First and foremost, this is by no means a technically accomplished “tome”. Take this for at least gesture for pragmatism and charitable contribution.

This sub chapter is a humble one-person attempt at collating all micronutrient interactions we know thus far. Vitamin to Vitamins. Mineral To Mineral. And also Vitamins To Mineral category(s). 

Once again, by no means this exerts, out of my own “self” – any symbolic “ego” of authoritative “correctness”. It is simply an attempt curating all previously confusing conflicting information into accessible food for thoughts.

Certainly all this is not the work of “one opinion”. All credits go to their respective Author/s as provided in the bibliography and referencing section.

2/4 Updated budgetting info, handling of expired foods & Vitamin E.

Sadly, food prices have gone up inflated since beginning of this year. Eggs no longer cost $2.50. Various goods are no longer affordable as they were. Hence I am left with no choice but to make amends onto the $50 to $25 plan/s. For the record yes ~ I  am still persisting on less than <$25 per weekly on average.

Soon also, I will be releasing the next feature video – how to handle expired foods in more detail. For now, preliminary information here are just simply that ~ preliminary. This video (amongst others) I am working on will curate all that I have learned nearing five years worth of structural impositions.

As I foresee the public becoming more reliant on cheaply or mass produced source of fats, particularly vegetable oil PUFAs ~ I believe now it’s good time as any to consider Vitamin E as pragmatic contingency.

Various importance of Vitamin E has been inserted throughout the manuscript. Please read thoroughly.

3/4 Nutrition and Immune Health specifically on COVID19 & beyond ~ New subsection.

Once again, as additional scientific “charity” on top of my recent blog article ~ I decided to share my own inputs alongside more citations and references on what we can do pragmatically amidst this crisis. One main reason on my compulsion to write this section: expedited pragmatism.

Would you “wait” for authoritarian powers to supposedly “cure” you? Or would you rather “initiate” at questioning what “you”, no one else ~ can do, right now; in the mean time?

I have no space for judgments on whichever conviction you resort to. Only readers themselve(s) may capacitively judge and therefore rationalise ~ their own judgements. Good news at least ~ much of these pragmatic workarounds & contingencies are already available to us.  Some even long before man (or this virus) have walked the earth.

Nevertheless, I’d wager ~ the future is likely to going be a Fight Club. There is no energy crisis. Only crisis in conscience. First, toilet paper. My next bet? Soap.

I am well aware that; by the time this sub section is read ~ there’s already newer, updated theories and contemplations more informative. Hence, more informative links and references from distinguished authors I believe ~ are deservedly shared here in this section for future reading. 

4/4 New elaborated thematic messaging/s.

For many years, I detest thematic messaging brainstorming as it predisposes this entire project as frivolous “branding or advertising” exercise.

However in the context of tying together the sheer complexity of what this concept initiative and its book have to say ~ I decided to revise the previous thematic messaging into four (4) philosophy abbreviations:

  1. Frugality. Authenticity. Individuality. Resilience. FAIR.
  2. Privacy. Agency. Identity. Resolve. PAIR.
  3. Sentience. Exposition. Liberty. Fortitude. SELF.
  4. Minimalism. Interpretation. Nutrition. Embodiment. MINE.



Prior versions.

I honestly declare my opinion that reading prior versions is not recommended. Because their readability remains unrefined compared to the latest versioning. The following (previous) blog announcements nonetheless represented all revision trail/s as history. From earliest to this very present versioning thus far.

Free as Air – for all sharing, viewing and reviewing.
Frugality. Authenticity. Individuality. Resilience.

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