Humility Says Hello To The World: Version 1.7

Humility Says Hello To The World: Version 1.7

Now available for viewing and reviewing.

Version 1.7 / January – March 2019.

Another exhaustive rewriting of almost 80% of the entire book’s content; all for sincerity, clarity and assertion. Various updates on questions-meet-answers on Ketogenic, Cylical Ketogenic + IF interventions + more references and citations. Best of all In addition to my book’s absence of price tags – An online spreadsheet humility budget template, for free soon to be released.  (out now for initial public release – click here for details)

Initial work on this 7th revision actually went all the way back since August 2018; as I drafted early new passages, what to include and what to omit. All done separately away from the main indesign doc. The reason for this delay was the need for me to redirect my focus elsewhere – towards rewriting the various (difficult) blog articles; listed below just to name a few:

  • Humility at heart : Organ Meats.
  • My thoughts on the mouse utopia, part 1, 2 and 2018 split into total of three parts.
  • What is normal? What is healthy?
  • ….and many others…

….and of course the massiveend of year 2018 food for thoughts spanning across FOUR (4) distinct sections. This project is all about information density. All as food – for thoughts. Not to spoon-fed the attention deprived Pedestrian Normalcy.

For those new to this space I nevertheless welcome you to the Internet’s least visited independent thoughts on wellness and nutrition.

Humility Says Hello To The World: Version 1.7


Budget Spreadsheet Template (Coming soon) will be available to accompany Version 1.7

What you will get is the ability to:

  1. Set per Weekly Budget Limit spanning across each entire month.
  2. See which weeks you went over the budget; as highlighted in red text via conditional formatting.
  3. See exactly when or how much time you are allowed to spend this amount; as denoted by “Expenditures Allowed until <next 7 days>”.
  4. Choose and set your day of weekly expenditure cycle. Recommended days of setting – Wednesdays or Thursdays. This is tricky, as everything stems from the beginning of calendar date of January 2019 – some months including January itself and May or June – may constitute up to five (5) weekly instead of four (4)  in order for everything to all add up correctly. Hence, that’s why only at this stage of release; only Wednesdays or Thursdays fits in logically and whollistically.  
  5. And lastly for visual eye candy – a column graph showcasing all of your expenditures at a glance. *
*Subject to display variability. This may or may not appear in all online editing programs from all that I have tested so far.

Humility Says Hello To The World: Version 1.7


Near-whole-book Readability Revision.

Over 80% of the entire book content is rewritten. Another crunch 80+ hours worth of work. Over 50 pages of redundancies deleted. Effectively making room for other new features and additions.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I am endowed with no prior qualifications as a “writer”.I am still learning to this day in trying to “find” my own “voice” – through writing. Striving inbetween that of persuasion, assertion and contemplative.

This Book is no ordinary one-off task like 99.9999% of its likewise peers, fitness youtube channels and the like. It is a project that remains open for continuous rewriting, expansion of ideas, new questions, new answers. Alongside its’ motion graphic featurettes…somebody has to do it all.

One prior “amateurish” mistake I must admit; was me resorting to changing perspectives to emphasize voices of concerns. Using first person “I” in conjunction with “This Book’s” or “This Author’s” seems jarring to read overtime. Hence in this revision, I have made every effort ensuring such are limited to minimise fatigues.

Many books on diet or nutrition espouses tonality that is objectively persuasive. People this day and age increasingly want every information spoon-fed to them through solicited & accountable credibility. Behind.Each.Every.Single.Word. Unfortunately, that is unrealistically utopianist as far as I can say. Because let’s face it – solicited perfection is impossible in all of scientific debates.

I am open nevertheless to receive suggestions and feedbacks how I present my “answers” to all (difficult-as-is) questions in the book.  

Version 1.7 Now available for download, reviewing and reading. Try nurture yourselves for change “now”. Or wait until whenever “Tomorrow” – quickly becomes “Yesterday”.

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