How big is the update for the manuscript version 1.4?

If I have to condense in two words. Very big. The most difficult revision of all, is yet to come.

It’s 9:19PM and yet I am due for my next Keto meal post workout. Usually it would have been much earlier but these round of updates have been extremely engrossing, yet also very draining at the same time – time truly falls by when you are fixated within such “tunnel vision”.

Hours quickly gone by and I am yet to be satisfied with a passage I am writing about Nutritional Humility. Or ponder on and on for days if that passage I wrote on the relationship between life, consumption, sex and suicide – could be somewhat toned down or at very least REINFORCED its’ delivery somehow whilst still remaining readable.

If the below screenshot is of any indication to you over just how massive this update is, nothing beyond this thus far; could ever justify the scope and ambition over where this project is going.

How big is the update for the manuscript version 1.4?


15. Fifteen individual InDesign document revisions. That is only “so far”. 35MB each on average (a conventional annual report of 100 pages is approximately half that). That is without links and imagery. 80% of all text content completely rewritten. An entire first half of the book rewritten. Design and layout changes. More Ketogenic dietary intervention awareness information and full featured tables, and food selection charts. Branding changes and a new chapter entirely reserved on Nutritional Humility™…. Just to name a few.

But one thing for sure, this is a project completely under my control and direction. Thus far as such – that this is going to be a book beyond just food.

How big is the update for the manuscript version 1.4?

But a book of all curiosities and connective implications over how we interpret just about….anything.

Coming Soon. Version 1.4.

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