“Holistic psychiatry ~ Zinc Imbalances & Other Potential Root Causes”

Here ~ Courtney Synder MD discuss both environmental & nutritional impacts on individual’s susceptibilities to ADHD, hyperactivity, anxiety, brain health, and adverse overall developmental growth. Particularly ~ the importance of Zinc and Copper balance, an overview on the GABA system, how gut microbiome, candida, usage of antibiotics may all play a role. 


  • Vitamin B6 appears to be essential for dopamine regulation. 
  • EMF radiation, including excess wi-fi exposure appears to play a causal role to ADHD and a lowered IQ, especially amongst developing children.
  • Organic produces and/or pesticides-free preservative free foods are common recommendations to manage symptoms.
  • Possible useful markers for testing ~ Thyroid, candida + mycotoxins, heavy metals susceptibilities. For metals testing ~ urine/plasma/hair mineral tissue analysis.
  • Common symptoms (hyperactivity, anxiety, tantrums, uncontrolled rage / tempers) ~ in both children and adults appears to be correlated with high-copper status. 
  • High(er) copper foods include chocolates, tofu, shellfish, wholegrains and to lesser extents ~ organ meats.
  • A decrease of dopamine consequents a rise of norpinepheine; widely believed to be a marker for temper, rage, and anxiety. 
  • Zinc and copper balance is strongly regulated by the metallothionein proteins (or shortened as metalloproteins); widely thought to be important for regulating antioxidant / redox / detoxification systems to offset heavy-metal toxicity. 
  • High sugar diets worsen symptoms of Candida, those on IBD and thereby ~ susceptibilities to all of the above cognitive malaise. 
  • Other brief yet interesting subjective debates and/or mentions:
    • could living with ADHD be advantageous? Some believe the “energetic” outlook is praised.
In today’s decreasing attention span I hereby disclaim out of respect and courtesy ~ by no means the above suggest nor justifies anyone foregoing full attentive viewership and/or  listening. Please invest your timely respect. Also, throughout my intiative’s long lone history (circa 2015); I encourage dialogues and thereby ~ authentication of experience(s) from competing perspective/s, and/or objectivities throughout decentralised or alternative nutritional science. Live-it-forward, AW. 

About the author 

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Courtney Snyder, MD, is a physician and adult and child holistic, functional and environmental psychiatrist.


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