For the homeless – what foods can I buy?

For the homeless – what foods can I buy?

So I’ve turned 36 years, last week.
My birthday present however, is a sore reminder of past and “present” ~ nobody is immune from Structural Violence. Hopefully, this video ~ made under a five-day crunch ~  helps those on trying times. Once again, this is not an irrefutable “advice” nor panacea for anyone to live on without repercussions. Especially amidst context of absolute poverty. 
For those who are new to this concept initiative, please consider acquainting with the Overview and the limited indemnity declaration.
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The following (depending on wherever you are in Australia) may serve as viable contacts for anyone under hardships. Please contact these in addition, to your families and/or relatives should you are in need of immediate care.
ENTRY POINT (Perth, West. Australia)
Phone 6496 0001 or 1800 124 684
Anglicare – Crisis Care
(Perth. West Australia)
1800 199 008
(Australia / Nationwide)

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