Expired Foods Guide & Experiences (1/3)

Expired Foods Guide & Experiences (1/3)

At long last, to help prepare my upcoming five year anniversary of this entire concept initiative and its manuscript ~ I believe it is rightful timing to start accumulating meaningful contemplations.

Part one of three.

I will start with arguably is the most significant staples. Various dairy product(s), saturated fats, eggs, and meats / meat derivative products. Some may seem obvious. But some may surprise you.

Please observe this disclaimer. All mileages may vary.

Your wealth is in your own individual ~ health. I do not “own” anyone “else’s” gut composition nor their auto-immunity.

Neither for publicity stunt nor pity.

I am here to implore the much wider implications of scientific anarchy and authenticity; through sheer frugality and respecting irrefutable force of governance ~ economics. And from it ~ through constant Scarcity and Abundance ~ for us to look forward to metabolically and physiologically interpret what enough means.

To say that this concept initiative is just a hobby is an understatement. This is drawn from over nearing five years worth of self-enquiring. Amidst also that next hundredth of failed job application.

So whoever find this I shall assure ~ they may save their own “selves”  “five years” of pragmatic education well observed beforehand. Not “after” it’s too late.

After all, forever is composed of nows. King for a day or two. Pauper for the week. Anarchy and Authenticity; inbetween.

As I am writing this, I have almost forgotten, that I am now 35 years old. Seeing myself five years ago at this initiative’s beginning, the worst or should I say the best – is yet to come.



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