Entire Google+ Channel Takeout Data: available for public download.

Entire Google+ Channel Takeout Data: available for public download.

As this concept initiative nears its five year anniversary ~I’ve decided to offer the entire GOOGLE+ Channel Export Takeout  files in one (1) zip file.


That is correct. The entire GOOGLE+ Channel data for This Is™ Humility / Humility Through Frugality (previous/former branding titles). Since its inception in 2016 ~ available for public download. For those who are unaware ~ GOOGLE+ officially shut down since March of 2019, that and my own social media presence now resides in Mewe®. Instead of it sitting in my archives “doing” nothing, why not, in timely preparations to the upcoming five years anniversary writeup ~ present it all away to the public.

Please watch the public VLOG announcement vid:

Why I’m doing this.

No – neither a signal nor publicity plea ~ for quantified narcissism.

Rather, simply to present (and offer) concrete evidence. That this concept initiative have been in lone existence for nearing five years. Shouldering next to nil ~ “subscribers”, “comments” and the “like”. After all, those who are new to this concept initiative may not realise the amount of content stretching back many years prior, in the past.  

‘So what’s in it? How do I go about viewing these?’

Once you have downloaded the zip file. Unzip and you will be presented, from the topmost hierarchy ~ with three things:

  1. Google+ Circles ~ “Customers”, “Following”, “Team members”, “VIPs” .json files.
  2. Google+ Stream ~ Activity Log, Collections, Photos, Posts.
  3. Index html

Start by opening Index.html. You’ll be presented with three tabs – Circles, Communities and Stream.

Of most importance is the Stream. Navigating through them allows you to view deeper into the three “collections” of all my posts – either as insights, methods or thoughts.

Under the photos / photos from posts = are exactly as the name implies. You can even view and download the post’s image directly within the index.html browser interface.

Under Posts – you will be given list of all .jsons.

So, What are these jsons? These are un-styled data, little bit similar to XML.

Of course, it is hard to understand all this mess. Hence, consider using http://jsonviewer.stack.hu. Copy and paste the contents (cmd+all) of each Json into the text and switch to the viewer tab for an accordion style presentation.


It bears worth repeating that I am not a developer nor programmer. If anyone have a better way for visually re-interpreting the above .json I am more than open to hear it down in the comments below.

Now that we’ve done with the instructions, it’s time that I hope all to agree to the following terms of use.

Intellectual Property Declaration / Terms of use

Download and view the official IP declaration document here.

Terms 1/2:
What you can do (rights).

You are free, with the given tutorial mentioned alongside here in this blog article:

  • To View and download ~ photos and/or posts associated with this concept initiatives’ intellectual property family (This Is™ Humility / Nutriments / and Nutritional Humility™).
  • To View and Interpret these ~ as strictly an influence-basis only should you one day embark upon your own concept initiative, start-up or concept intellectual property project of similar context.

You are free to do all of the above by either using additional tools and/or softwares to examine not just posts, but also images and their texts.

You are also free ~ to mention and to recicropate to that of your sociological ecosystems and/or peers of relative interests – the awareness and existence of this concept initiative. Its parent manuscript, its sub projects, Youtube® channel, and so on.

Terms 2/2:
What you cannot do (prohibited).

Common decency. At treating this, just like any other’s ~ sensitive intellectual property.

You may not: alter or re-claim these contents towards financial purposes.

You certainly may not: repurposing any of these content; to either defame or inflame others or at myself ~ towards your own supposed benefit.

^ the very first design image post in Google+ circa 2016.

Thank you.

….So, are there any regrets for me doing this? Yes and no.

“Yes” – I cannot control any or all delinquency by whoever disregarding the terms above. Each and every single posts, tags, categories, pinned and shared on Google+ ~ remains open for all public scrutiny.

“No” ~ because all this is behind me. Not because I dismiss or discount it all. I am just glad the every hour spent in this concept initiative; was simply not for vain. But for both imploring and exploring ~ scientific authenticities; amidst involuntary structural violence.

Thank you and once again, for visiting and reading ~ the Internet’s least visited independent thoughts on wellness and decentralised Nutritional Science.



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