Dr Raymond Peat. Rest in peace (1936~2022)

It is with great sadness in alternative nutritional science, that Dr. Raymond Peat unexpectedly passed away on November 24th, 2022. Ray has been an indirect figure whom I respect, despite polar opposite on my nutritional methodology. I nonetheless remain compelled to turn this into a feature write up, alongside my sincerest condolescences.

About Dr Peat.

For those who are not aware, Dr Peat’s acclaims spanned throughout the 1960s and to this very year ~ as an outspoken figure on thyroid health, the brain, progesterone and then eventually his own teachings known as the “bio-energetic view” to nutritional science. In objective summation of this view and consequently the various nutritional protocols as preached and suggested, though not exhaustively limited to these alone are = the importance of saturated fats over unsaturated fats, a favour towards glucose oxidation versus free fatty acid oxidations, importance of carbon dioxide status for metabolic and anti-oxidative health, a favouring of gelatinous amino acids over methionine-rich / lean muscle meat source excess intakes, before finally emphasizing sweets ~ as sole carbohydrate sources as fructose, juices and honey ~ over starchy carbohydrates.

Beyond than a nutritional science writer, author, consultant and coach ~ he is also a painter and illustrator whose works remain viewable at his website (raypeat.com).

He has been featured in many smaller yet highly respected social circles, podcasts and at one time a documentary interview joining with the accounts of independent scientists and academics away from mainstream journalism. Certainly not exhaustive but to name a few ~ On The Back of a Tiger (Think, Perceive Act films), Patrick Timpone podcast, Generative Energy Podcast, and dozens among others as a welcomed guest speaker all over the world.

His sole thematic /  vision statement / tenet for many years remain to this day as “think, perceive, act”.

Where I stood and stand.

I should first and foremost disclose that I remain impartial from swaying towards any one (1) figure, direction, or “influencer” in my way of life, approach and/or scientific authentication (self-experimental) other than imploring individuality over collectivism, authenticity over arithmetic followship (“Like-and-subscribe”), and of all ~ regular anticipation for exclusions and reinclusions. Hence, why I opt the most contested, nihilistically-debated of all nutritional methods I practiced, though never would I proclaim for ego as “the” or “its” originator ~ Cyclical Ketogenic + Intermittent Fasting.

An admission I plainly disclose in open sight – is that I neither have read his manuscripts, nor the timely opportunity to discuss his principles amidst competing priorities of this concept initiative, since 2016.

That time, I was in my early experience(s) of standard ketogenic dieting before later ~ the cyclical approach as I slowly managed my own health conditions, from Ankylosing Spondilytis, food sensivitities, before then forming my own routinely critical, strategic, and conscientious approach to carbohydrate manipulation and refeeding. However, throughout amassing journalism, and research one year after another I frequented lengthy observations over the two (2) public forums in honour of Dr Peat’s principles, dating back since 2018 onwards.

I nonetheless hereby wish to pay, as a write up, amidst years of my own observation of his principles still to this very day my respect such that nutritional science, like philosophy ~ remains rightfully an open-ended extrapolation to a viewer or a reader’s own / N=1 implications, circumstance and of all things ~ context.

Bit of history – how and when.

Where, when and how did I came to know Ray and his principles? In plain words ~ his relentless enquiry against scientific totalitarianism, circa 2016.  That was when I learned from a saying, a mention, or a cite ~ that Aspirin was more than just an anti-inflammatory. Whether it was a blog or a journal were sadly beyond my memory. But tracing my interest on this repeatedly led back to Ray Peat’s article on the elusive & undocumented benefits. Before then throughout 2018 ; I tinkered with gelatinous amino acids, and coincidentally again uncovering Ray’s dissertation over its calming and complimentary importance to methionine rich dietary protein status. That same year led me writing an entire feature post on it, including a frugal basic preparation.

His vocal stances against scientific dogmatism/authoritarianism were, in addition to his persuasive and poetic writing at times were both as I admit compelling enough reasons for me to keep following and listening to him; despite polar opposing methodology. Also the wealth of citations he referenced to throughout his website (raypeat.com) remains to this day thought-provoking. Consequently, this led me to many years as an avid reader and observer on the two (2) community forums to his honour. Namely ~ Raypeatforums.com and the alternative forum on its own arguable sights and path(s) ~  theraypeatforum.org (recently inaccessible / no longer found on Google).

Were it not for the efforts of other prominent content creators, podcasts and coach Danny Roddy, Georgi Dinkov and Patrick Timpone – much of Ray’s teachings would not have been as widespread as they are today.

Rest In Peace.

My views to nutrition, health and wellness are in many ways unpredictable, for a reason that I live not within anyone’s dogma, but within my own authenticity. Despite opposing views, I always remain fascinated by reincorporating many outside principles, Ray’s included ~ through exclusions and reinclusions. Dr. Peat’s passing nonetheless was a sad landmark, considering the many individuals, and families around the world who sought his coaching, guest podcasts, consulting and/or simply ~ the sheer-generosity in his newsletters (now available to the public at archive.org).

Dr Peat’s principles nonetheless serve as a reminder for me to re-introduce various elements of nutrition amidst my own nuances for self-experiment and therefore ~ scientific authentication. I am humble enough to admit my own untimely ignorance, for not discovering Ray’s works much earlier or long enough in justice. But at least over the years of my own keen observation over the suggestive protocols and imploration be it carbon dioxide, baking soda, red light therapy, aspirin, cascara, carrot salads, orange juice, importance of calcium, progesterone, and gelatin ~ are in many ways synonymous to many of today’s alternative health channels concerns and topics of interest.

As a lone, lay, yet enthusiast identity in decentralised and/or alternative nutrition health and wellness ~ I hereby express my condolescences.

AW / andrewwiguna.com

Online References.

This entire writeup is, by no means intended to  discount, dismisses or to act in summary or in lieu; over the nuanced works of Dr Raymond Peat. As with anything decentralised / non-orthodoxies of science ~ you must pursue further reading at your own time. If you are in need for health or nutritional consultancy, or research readings surrounding Dr. Peat’s principles – the following links, forums, hubs/networks,  independent coaches, and/or collectives may hopefully assist you in your enquiring. Live-it-forward, AW.

Independent coaches / authors / content creators / practitioners enveloped by Dr Ray Peat’s teachings and ideas.

(Update / 10th December 2022). Beyond final readability amends ~ I would like to express my final say that there may yet be other noteworthy additions and/or sources I am yet aware of ~ be it references, forums, links, networks and/or professional collectives in honour to his principles. Hence, my apologies if the above are yet in any way complete. Live-it-forward, AW. 

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