D-Ages manuscript update : Version 1.02

D-Ages manuscript update : Version 1.02

In conjunction to the recent manuscript revision (Version 1.753) I have decided to also revise the technical accompanying manuscript. Download it now at the landing page. 

New sub section: Glycation End Products, COVID19 & Immune Health.

I decided to further examine our current sentiments on Glycation End Products; in relation to that of our enveloping concerns of Corona Virus COVID19 pandemic crisis management.

I present plausible thoughts surrounding  the few genetic inflammasome/s that may potentiate likelihood relationships to our present concerns of ARDS / Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome as one of COVID19’s likely manifested outcome.

I have also updated the “Pragmatic Workarounds Section” to the several other supplementation(s) worthily enough to consider acquiring.

To remind once more ~ this isn’t an irrefutable scientific clairvoyance.

However, at the very least this additional book provides a charitable step; should one may call it that ~ without undue outside prejudice, at providing “what we can do” in the mean time. Rather than resorting to hoarding-paranoia, “waiting” and then “leaving” ~ our hands to the powers-that-be.

Sadly, “vaccines” don’t wait themselves to develop. Politics and “regulations” meanwhile, remains as paternalistic middlemen.Nature’s contingencies on the other hand? Already exists way long before this virus walked the earth. Now, ain’t that ~ a convenient truth?

I’ll let you decide which route of “safety” you resort to. Quantified Authoritarianism? Or Self-Enquiry.

The future, my bet ~ will soon be akin to Fight Club. First, toilet papers. Then soap.

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