Coming soon(s) / Roadmap : September – October 2021

This is a roadmap roughly projecting what’s coming, what’s in development – feature blog writeups, revisions, video feature uploads for all visitors prior or prospective.

So many people once again suspect all these as mere recreational. Reality sadly proves otherwise.

Given the very long, intensive work on maintaining the Youtube® channel despite <100 visits, and the time it takes at writing, maintaining and revising ~ not one but two book(s) If anyone can do “better”, they don’t need my envy.


So, What’s Coming?

Keep in mind these are not necessarily in their strict order of events.

More often than not, resources and timing availability overwhelm the best of all prior planning or preparedness.

Sep-October 2021

PUFA N6, my own dissertation on “pro” case on CKD+IF, and yes it’s been a long time coming ~ training videos.

  • Youtube upload.  PUFA N6 LCIF feature meal pace of eating evidence presentation.
  • Feature blog article. Cyclical Keto + IF – the “Why” ~ a case for CKD+IF as “sneak peek” preview section / chapter for Nutritional Humility’s massive rebrand.
  • Youtube upload feature presentation series. “CKD+IF Training Days”.  What does ten exercises look like in a typical training day / life of CKD+IF? Exhaustive and detailed real-time recordings split into four (4) videos:
    • Chest/triceps / uppers training
    • Lowers training
    • Shoulders and backs uppers training
    • Backs (and lowers) again as last training day of the week.


Late October/November 2021

What most are waiting for – refeeds. And finally – after months of revisions – the feature dissertation / write up on Decentralised Nutritional Science.

  • Youtube upload feature presentation. CKD+IF : REFEED DAYS. Yep, what we all been waiting for. Virtue-signalling, Binging and {urging emotive semanticism ~ need not apply.
  • (Massive) Feature blog article series. “Welcome to Decentralised Nutritional Science”. The first public release dissertation which will consist of three (3) parts:
    • Part 1: The “Good” / What we took for granted.
    • Part 2: The “Bad” / Questionable ethics
    • Part 3: Pragmatism: What can you (N=1) do?
  • Youtube upload. “Welcome To Decentralised Nutritional Science”.  An “overview” video on the upcoming 3-part dissertation examining our present state of scientific Authoritarianism (Centralisation, Paternalism and Institutionalisation). A video upload to guide readers and viewers a “summary” what to expect and what to anticipate.

December 2021 / Jan 2022

Where all things ends, something else emerges. TBA / TBC.

  • (TBA) The rebrand Live Website + rebranded Nutritional Humility + 70-80% rewrite readability changes to the manuscript

For those who are new, I welcome all to please start by reading the how/where should we begin?

Thoughts and comments are appreciated.



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