Codex: “Revise, Reflect, Repeat”

Welcome to Codex: a feature writeup elaborating the thematics, vision / mission statements of this entire concept initiative, since 2015.

If you are new to this channel please consider reading the Where / How Shall we begin to help you acquaint with the broad ambition(s) of this channel.

Disclaimer / Apology / November 2023

I’d like to begin with a significant apology. Due to this concept initiative’s broad array of theme(s) overlapping nutritional science, sociology and philosophy ~ next to also ~ finding the time, and resources to maintain and produce its content at length in both visual and writing medium(s) ~ all demands an immense devotion, far and beyond that of “recreational” occasion. Therefore, I shall express this solemn apology for the delayed elaboration. And please note that this Codex and likely future writing(s) on these remains as draft or WIP in nature, as part of the rebranding pledge. ~ AW.


  1. Revise: make alterations or iterations.
  2. Reflect: survey, by decoding (receive and interpret) and then encoding (meaning to actionable expression) from all things inputted from our environment. Be it nutrition, thought and influence.
  3. Repeat: repeating the above two exercise(s), in perpetuity.

People often under-estimate every trajectory surrounding health or fitness as nothing but a logistic progression from A to B, as a linear path. One-way ticket, and/or one way street.

Here in this concept initiative I wish to implore a different theme that health and fitness; has less to do with speculating about the future such that speculation brings fear from not willing to change the present. But all future(s) depends on how willingly we are at introspecting the present, as well as recounting our past.

Hence a series of thought rituals or exercise/s here are proposed. Revise (alter), Reflect (survey/decode and encode) and finally, Repeat (routinely execution).


An exercise on quantifications. Lower this. Increase that. Compensate this. Substitute that.

Another similar term used throughout the Book / Parent Manuscript is “Contrast”. This refers to a need to self-impose ourselves a change.

If anything is measureable then such an input, be it a thought, ideology, nutrition principle or methodology – must bear some arithmetics to justify its existence; so that we can track their magnitude of effects, overtime. How much? How little? How high? How Low? etc.

However, seeing any statistics up or down is arguably just witnessing what is happening, and less about what is being experienced A number is just a marker. But what that marker represents, or what that marker means, imposes different repercussions from person to person. And certainly different, from context to context.

Hence, the need for us to Reflect what this change means or how one should infer/extrapolate – all at an individual level.


To reflect is to survey, as an internal dialogue on all things we receive from our environment. Through decoding (as input – external voice to internal brainstorming), before we respond or express, by way of Encoding (from thought to action).

In doing so, we are then able to discern anything inputted for their intrinsic, and/or philosophic distinct value or “motive”. Either as Equity (social cooperation) or self-hood through Authenticity.

Equity is arguably more to do with humility or modesty, relative to whoever is in our amidst so that one can measure, find relevance or thus relate to. Hence, mutuality and benevolence. Authenticity, on the other hand, encourages freedom to experience and experiment so that one can over time self-identify his or her worth or value, less effected by his/her surroundings. This is where both survival and contentment; often manifests as priority.

Of course there awaits numerous sensitive debate(s) over which should be more “valuable”. This is likely prompting a political debate to a level such that never, throughout all intents that this concept initiatives envisions – at gravitating towards one over another.

However-suffice to say, civility as a whole cannot exist solely through only one (1) overarching societal motive over another. In doing so, that would only be totalitarian or unrealistically utopian. There must be elements of both which, of course depends much on the individual’s own circumstance, context.

And to do so, we must put the above two exercises as a framework that likely prompts as a routine amidst our motions of living.


What becomes necessary next – is putting all these exercises into a framework. A framework as such that it becomes an embedded routine amongst our own daily lives so that such activity or routines becomes an identity that altogether helps complete our mark of autonomy.

However, there are misconceptions we must firstly address. Namely, to Repeat, is arguably not about repeating what is predictable.

Does this mean we should just simply repeat what is already instrumental? What is already comfortable? Statistically predictable?

This is where the need to modify our framework of revise and reflect becomes necessary. An “ideal” answer to the above question therefore is ~ “it depends.” 

Depends on what? Our own perception and reception of “Final”. But whatever this “finality” means should, ideally and hopefully- should not transcend towards an unchanged or biased dogma.

In the context of this initiative’s suggestive, yet never prescriptive nutritive principle – as cyclical low carbohydrate + intermittent fasting – suggests that nothing is final. Because there is always something to exclude as well as also, something to reinclude.

Through constant realisation of experiences from experimentation we therefore becomes more able at widening our own individual tolerance(s) ~ against growing complexity.

Complexity therefore is what ultimately attests our hypothesis. Hence the very last thing we shall do, despite easier said than done, is to construct for ourselves a framework that appeals to our own interest for change. In the context of nutrition, this is where one will take in numerous experiences, never from a recreational once in a while adventure and returning to “everything-in-moderation”. Instead, to carve – through years and likely life long journey for no one else but one’s own insight of both Philosophy and Science.


“Context” is never ending. One thing confirms as “done”, another confounder or question and thus context always arise. This at first likely prompts existential angst and frustration as to why things never work upon “first try”, “first day”, or even “first month” of whatever change it is we yearn or seek.

But what is important nonetheless, is that health and fitness is not about being predictable. It is constant learning experiences, than constant speculation. Who or what potentiates these remains deeply within ourselves to commence thinking about things differently, from how we were a day ago, a month ago, or perhaps a year ago.

We are after all, potentiates individual steward(s) of our own autonomy. That is arguably a future we can all ideally aspire to. Rather than submitting to dictations of our present.

We must atone and set aside time, by tracking and surveying firstly and foremost – anything we consume. Brainstorm and experiment. Reflect and relate. Plan to framework.

  • Revise all that we receive to where we feel warranted for upkeeping our autonomy.
  • Reflect on them so we can widen our autonomous surveillance.
  • And lastly – Repeat the above two exercises as a routinely framework in pragmatic ways to our motions of living; so we are not victims of our own echo chamber.

Hence, Revise, Reflect, Repeat.



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