CKD+IF Training day in the life : Thursday (Shoulders)

What does depletion training looks like?

Third of four (4) feature reflection on semi-fasted/fasted training drawn from 5+ years. This time it’s shoulders and upper backs.

  1. Up to 11 exercises
  2. 5×5, 6×6, 7×7 (Adopted) German volume training. 
  3. RPE scale of 6 to 10. 
  4. Up to 1 Minute and little over for recuperation (connective tissues, psychology+physiology) in-between sets. 

If anyone can do better, more power to them. Better yet – raise your own bar. Be yourself. Authenticate. Repeat.


NOTE: This is only an N=1 insight throughout five years (and ongoing) journalling condensed into just one (1) presentation. It is neither an immediate prescription nor for value comparisons benchmark.

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