Carrot Cream

Carrot Cream


  1. 250g carrots
  2. at least 600kcals+ worth of  fat macros coming from either combinations (to evenly use / save resources):
  3. 100ML cream + 150ml coconut cream
  4. 35g butter +. 150ML cream
  5. 150g sour cream + 150ml coconut cream
  6. Some water, and salt.

Julienne / grate carrots. Use scissors to help reduce to smaller sizes and expedite cooking process. Microwave for 6 mins on highest setting (600W). Mix in the fat sources. Blend to desired consistency add a little water to assist with the blending.Let cool and refrigerate. 

Please note some types of cream (particularly sour creams and coconut cream) may fluctuate from brand-to-brand, in terms of calorie contents per100g. 

It is generally not recommended to use thickened sour creams as these are notoriously rife with carrageenan (code 407A,B). Individual response / allergenic tolerance will undoubtedly vary. 

An excerpt from an upcoming book. 



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