After Freedom Podcast with Lyle McDonald (timestamp)

A conversation map to guide future prospective viewers. Take it or leave it; it is simply my imploration to help. This is for a 3 hours & 30 minutes convo between Daniel Pekic (host) & Lyle Mcdonald (guest).

I also have done one similarly late last year (Saturday 7th December, 2019) on Kresser VS Wilks’ Game Changer debate in the Joe Rogan discussion. Click here to jump straight to my comment. I believe I was the first to contribute a timestamp. However only then to be quickly swamped (to this day) by the usual pedestrian chit-chats.

— AW™.

00:00:00 to 00:15:00 Introduction – where / how it all began. Career building from coaching / coach-client interactions.

00:25:00: clenbuterol, animal studies / carbohydrate glycogen refeeding. how does maintenance calories in effect relates to TRT / testosterone therapy / prior anabolic steroid use. How it also affects NEAT.

00:32:00: carnivore diet enquiry begins. Eating 6000 kcals per day (approximately 500g of protein a day). Why / what causes heart rate increase? TEF / thermic effect of foods from meat proteins. 00:35:00: carnivore diet appears to resolve constipation and IBS / intestinal bowel syndrome. Enquiry on thyroid health in carnivore diet? Lyle heard a study on autoimmunity / hashimoto patients on low carb intervention = lead to big improvements? Solution appears to get rid of slow digestive foods.

00:43:00: Lyle: “if you can only eat one macronutrient = it’s protein.” Admits carnivore is perfect elimination diet. Daniel incorporated dextrose monohydrates as TKD protocol.

00:59:00: Endurance sports & carnivore diet. How many carbs needed during TKD protocol?

01:11:00: lower heart rate effect from lower calories intake? Oxygen delivery systems during endurance training. RMR does not change much? Heart rate monitors inaccuracies. Further discussions on TKD; is it justified on low intensity endurance training?

01:27:00: Mineral intakes / electrolytes enquiry begins. 3-5g of sodium per day required. 1 grams of potassium. Lyle recommends Lite Salt 50/50 NACL & KCL. Vegetarians who crave cheese may in fact be sodium depleted.

01:39:00: upper body vs lowers exercises on the impact of electrolytes requirements. Water is actually terrible for hydration? Milk is better – calcium and potassium content.

01:43:40 – approx 02:20:00: Drugs / pharmacology discussion begin. Mainly on its use for endurance sports before then (later at post 2 hours mark) comparative drugs of old vs new. Effects on RBCs/ red blood cells. Thickening of blood?

02:23:40 – approx 02:45:00 – Enquiry on the metabolism of women, birth controls and their effects on fertility / hormone balance. Regulation of testosterone and its relations to FH / progesterone balance between men and women. Anecdotal reports of increased clitoral sensitivity after taking low dose testosterone. Effects of oestrogen depletion. “Estrogen is anti inflammatory”.

02:50:0003:15:00: the minnesota experiment to effects of overfeeding on food motivation. Overfeeding may inevitably lead to food aversion, how it also leads to over constipation. How fibre intake also leads to constipation.

03:15:00 – end: Different skillsets impositions, requirements, and expectations on various form of competitive sports from MMA to mixed, etc.

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