2022 Self Journalling Template Now Available

2022 Self Journalling Template Now Available

I hereby present for the public Self-Journalling Template for 2022, bearing version update Beta 0.12.

Download it here.

You must first sign in to your existing Google® account and make a copy by going to File >>> Make a Copy before performing any editing.

This Template once again spans through two (2) separate releases. First as six-seven month coverage from January to July. Then secondly (soon upon mid year announcement) August to early January (the next following year ~ 2023). The reason for this split is to not overwhelm readers with 100+ sheets or tabs all at once as each represents one (1)  week of entry alongside their various criteria.

Name change

From here onwards the previous title “Self-Enquiry” tool is now renamed as simply “Self-Journalling” “Tool” or “Template”.

As a “journal” this Self Journalling Tool enables you to :

  • Direct daily entry of thoughts and insights (for macro calculations please refer to Myfitnesspal® or Cronometer®).
  • Track glucose levels overtime.
  • Track ketone levels overtime (optional).
  • (optional) track any one (1) extra customary criteria of your choice.
  • (optional) allows you to insert and/or upload (subject to your own Google® account drive capacity) two images per week.
  • Quickly gather “summary” weekly and monthly insights as collated in the “Summary” Tab.

Tutorial Video

Please refer to the previously uploaded video for a general walkthrough of this journalling tool.

Free to view. But private to your’s only insight.

As reminder this is meant to be a personal accounting unless you consent yourself otherwise ~ to share its contents elsewhere. You hereby agree this is both a journalling and self-accountancy tool at your own indemnity and responsibility.

If this Journalling Template helps you in any way, consider leaving comments, thoughts and/or feedbacks.



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