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Note: subject to change periodically within any updates of credentials, overtime.

There is no energy crisis. Only a crisis in conscience. Happiness is inflationary. Income governs outcome.

My name is Andrew Wiguna, and I am the sole author behind this concept initiative, its parent manuscript and its array of accompanying projects.

My interest surrounds both the understanding and reflections on Nutrition. Beyond perceiving nutrition as “food”; to merely sustain our means of living. But as a compartmentalised symbiosis; to “Interpretation” itselfNutrition also represents how well we filter, digest and most importantly interpret relatively to our needs & concerns within contexts.

My overall voice of concern is highlighting the dubious outcomes from our present hierarchic (or archaic) paternalism. Beyond exposition of non-fictional account of structural hardships. Yet also an imploration ~ towards decentralised scientific contemplation. Against instrumental and sociological authoritarian overrules and condescendence.

Primary Credentials.

My industry credentials consists of overlapping proficiencies within creative design. From branding, general print, limited web front-end design proficiencies. Then all the way to basic 3D modelling, rendering, motion graphics and video editing / videography. I’ve absorbed seven years of accumulative agency and on-going freelance experiences since entering the industry in 2007.

Specifically in Web Design – my proficiencies revolve around personal exploration and front-end customisations between Squarespace® and WordPress® (within pragmatic limits). My website is the first and final testimony of what I can and cannot – do. This website (Nutritional-Humility.me) is the second major overhaul since its first inception as a Blogger platform in 2015; amounting now to hundreds of self learning hours at modifying and tinkering. All through trial and errors.

I have graduated from Central TAFE Western Australia School of Art, Design and Media for three years to have acquired an Adv. Diploma of Graphic Design in 2006 majoring in Multimedia 4D Design (with Certificate IV & Diploma of Graphic Design 2 years prior). Through Recognition of Prior Learning – led me to my Undergraduate Bachelor Of Arts / Graphic Design Major Degree from Curtin University of Western Australia in late 2007.

As former creative disciple amidst graphics and creative industries; my profession continues as that of a designer actively seeking opportunities. Amidst that also, diversification attempts.

But I uphold my other significant side from this life – a (hopeful) aspiring author amidst overlapping concerns of decentralised / alternative Nutritional Science. As well as that of Economics, Philosophy and Sociology.

This concept initiative was born out of (soon to near) five long years of observation, accounting, reflecting and implementing of various decentralised Nutritional Science concept(s); amidst involuntary themes of Structural Violence and Scientific Authoritarianism. A transitioning of critical thinking into living evidence against hierarchical dogmatism.

Credentials in Nutritional Science.

I am neither a “clinically” recognised practitioner nor am I an “instituted” or “registered” dietician.

I have since 2015; diversified my career attempts at approaching various opportunities within entry level assistant/s amidst nutritional science. I have studied and gathered five (5) certificate levels of Nutrition and that of Science as legally disclosed below.

  1. Certificate of Human Nutrition: One. By Cadence Health. Institutionalisation Level: Conservative.
  2. Certificate of Sports Nutrition. By Beck Health & Nutrition. Institutionalisation Level: Conservative.
  3. Biochemistry Course. By Centre of Excellence.  Institutionalisation Level: Conservative/Technical.
  4. Advanced Diploma of Diet & Nutrition Level 5. By Brentwood Open Learning College. Institutionalisation Level: Conservative.
  5. How To Publish and Write a Scientific Paper. By Ecole Polytechnique (online). Institutionalisation Level: Conservative.

The above continuing education were spent, at my own limited finances. At my own time, amidst overlapping obligations to that of welfare support as reaching out 20+ jobs application per month.

Should you are not convinced of the above credentials, I remain happy to provide all evidence of transcripts. As well as that of scanned proofs of academia results.

Authenticity against totalitarian Linearity.

“How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?” ~ George Orwell, “1984”.

If there is anything I have learned of life and of “Science” thus far – Authoritative powers-that-be love binary damnations. Eg. good versus evil, black versus white. They prefer conquests through scrutiny and entropy. Rather than enquiry through contextual empathy. “Correctness” therefore in their lexicon is quantified through collectivised consensus; in absence of disagreements. Individuality? A free-radical.

If “Science” demands evidence by ways of quantified number of “evidences” (hint: plural). Then would it not make sense that all decisions nonetheless – is first and foremost – initiated from that of anecdotal (singular) Biological Conviction/s?

If thousands of “prescriptions” exist, yet quantified paternalism persists in our normalcy as “everything in moderation”. Then “who” shall be that moderator?

I’ve exercised my own critical-thinking at providing food for thoughts against the grain. Yet – I succeeded beyond distinction after hitting that “submit assesment” button. Surely then, I must be doing something “right”. At least not for nodding governing “heads” of collectivist institutions. But my own stance of Authenticity. My own critical thinking.

….Or at least, I believe – I have “left” nothing in my trail of knowledge or experiences ~ that may compounds against me.

Thank you.

I am neither a “saint” nor am I a walking panacea.

This concept initiative indeed may seem boisterous. Akin to raising pitchforks against the rich’s “we own nothing, but control everything”~ supposedly benevolent aura. I am no Left, Right, Marxist or Communist, or Capitalist. If anything, I am my own drop of struggle amidst a sea of homogenous compliance towards paternalism.

I am simply trying to implore the need for reconciling our Liabilities ecosystem, in sync to that of our primal Abilities Ecosystem. Stemming from individual’s own biological currency(s). Ketones, Glycogens, mineral reserves, triglycerides, to name a few. Exercise these long enough, between frequent contrasting episodes of Economics (Scarcity vs Abundance) then I’d wager – this is perhaps the only philosophy left there is, be it however chaotic – to self-authentically partition what “enough” means.

Alas, this concept initiative is likely not immune from virtue signallers. Aka moral-comparison roller coaster. “There are people born with every genetic disorders, malformations, and defects far worse than[…]”. Indeed, my heart is heavy to such sights of life beyond damage, beyond sorrow. Yet, in all interviews of those who lived – they are strong beyond their incapacities. They yearn primal admissions, or desires and instincts – no differently to that as any other man or woman.

…Yet the virtue-signallers persist at condescending and instilling guilt. By borrowing other people’s woes – their  disabilities – as opportunistic, moral ammunition. For Correctness virtuosity. Worse they remain comfortable at resorting to binary semantics.

If you have made it reading this far, you’ll be left with either one of two impressions. Either – compulsion of me as eccentrically difficult to “understand or work with”; despite my absence of ill wishes. Or this helpless impression – a drifting mosaic of misfortunes. Either way, I trust you to Judge your own Judgments .

At least, my ripple; were it to continue resonating to readers this very day amidst the sea of homogenous normalcy – is at least beyond a stone-throw away. From short-lived submission.

My name is forgettable. Experiences? Memorable.


Andrew Wiguna
(formerly This is Humility Through Frugality; circa 2015).

Official thematics for parent manuscript
Frugality. Authenticity. Individuality. Resilience. 
Privacy. Agency. Identity. Resolve. 
Sentience. Exposition. Liberty. Fortitude.
Minimalism. Interpretation. Nutrition. Embodiment. 

Supporting thematics
Revise. Reflect. Repeat.
Happiness is Inflationary.
Income Governs Outcome.
Every Virtue Spares a Vice. And vice versa.
Be yourself. Authenticate. Repeat.