Utopia as Dystopia? (Summary) dissertation

Utopia as Dystopia? Feature dissertation (Summary)

After hundreds of hours script-writing, dozens upon dozens of recording takes across THREE camera phones, staying up bleary-eyed 2AM witnessing FCPX crashes, kernel panics, and corrupted project libraries amidst (pending) […]

Coming soon : Nutritional Humility visual identity

Coming soon : Nutritional Humility visual identity

Up and coming is my next side branding project in conjunction to my overall parent initiative This Is™ Humility. This time surrounding the visualised philosophy identity –  Nutritional Humility. This […]

It’s official – I have been studying

It’s official. I have decidedly returned to studying and also revamping my visual identity. The last few weeks have seen me pretty much occupied surrounding upon my newest endeavour’s despite […]

My 3 weeks out of Keto notes and thoughts

My 3 weeks out of Keto notes and thoughts

So what and how have I been feeling since these last three weeks out of Keto? I felt indulged. After all, that serotonin overload was coming back to me. Reminding […]

2016 Food for thoughts Keto anniversary Part 2/3

2016 Food for thoughts Keto anniversary Part 2/3

This second part commences the repository of my EIGHT overall food thoughts. From all that I’ve learned from my first Ketogenic anniversary (13 months). Part II/III “Food for thoughts” 1-4 […]

What is Healthy? What is Normal?

What is Normal? What is Healthy?

In conjunction with the first part of my anniversary 2016 foods for thoughts – here I assert why there’s no such thing as either “healthy” or “normal”.  <TL;DR> The words “Healthy” or […]

September 2016 Blog Design Refresh

I hereby am presenting you a new refresh  of the blog’s design and layout. An-almost-there refresh will be completed soon…   It has been a while that this blog has […]

It's rice. But cabbage.

It’s rice. But cabbage.

You’d think “keto rice / cus cus, etc” only applies with cauliflower. Think laterally. Cabbages, Broccoli, lettuces, etc. The “Riced” Keto Cabbage In my continuing appraisal of the humble cabbage […]

Humility at heart : organ / offal meats

Some things worth reminding. Even when we’re all adults. From how we speak, and treat others. How we live everything in our favour of coerced likes and dislikes. How we […]