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Welcome to the Internet's least visited independent thoughts on wellness and decentralised Nutritional Science. The eight (8) starting food for thoughts below is reserved for new prospective visitors to this concept initiative. This Page is subject to periodical revisions overtime for readibility. Written in Third Person Perspective convictions. 1/8 What this Book offers. This Book / the […]
Where / How shall we begin?

Welcome to the Internet's least visited independent thoughts on wellness and decentralised Nutritional Science. The eight (8) starting food for thoughts below is reserved for new prospective visitors to this concept initiative.

This Page is subject to periodical revisions overtime for readibility. Written in Third Person Perspective convictions.

1/8 What this Book offers.

This Book / the Parent Manuscript (Nutritional Humility™) is based on true, on-going life account of nutritional frugality under Structural impositions, alongside that as contemplative assertion against Scientific Authoritarianism. Through the lens of the freelance creative designer and aspiring author - Andrew Wiguna (andrewwiguna.com). Since inception in December 2015 under former title "Humility Through Frugality", both its manuscript and its blog remained since then free for open viewing, reviewing and sharing. 

This overall Concept Initiative, alongside its Book ~ aims to be neither "objective" or "prescriptive". Rather it aims to remain contemplative against the status quo. It does not offer prescriptive templated "advices" for "treating" any chronic illnesses. Nor does it proclaim confidence to replace any existing institutionalised prescription/s beyond This Author's own (AW™) indemnity as scrutinising member of public. Read the Limited Indemnity Disclosure here.

Whenever people seek for "Health" advice - they look for simplified, instant gratification. Sadly, neither This Book nor its parent concept initiative - offers such an outcome. It instead encourages a manifestation of self-critical thinking into living evidence through a process which the Author defined to as "Self-Enquiry". An exercise towards individual introspection from all outside scientific authoritarian tug-of-war/s. Be it stemming from directly (sanctioned) and/or indirectly (statistical / structural / institutional).

The 300+ scientific references helps not only support This Author (AW™)'s claims. But also encourage readers to further their own research to fulfill resilience against scientific dogmatism.

Please read the Limited Indemnity Disclosure as well as the opening disclaimer within the Parent Manuscript's Contents.

2/8 The Branding Initiative Vs The Book

This Is Nutriments™ - as the "parent concept branding initiative" - was first conceptualised as a fictional, no frills-wholefoods brand. To add to the Author's graphic design folio for career advancement.  

This entire concept initiative further comprises of several sub projects. First of which is the free-to-view book - Nutritional Humility™. Second, is its Third and last - is its Blog. Prospective viewers and readers are to be advised that the book's former title "Humility Through Frugality" which has been active for over five years since inception (31st December 2015) - is no longer the active and effective from 1st of November 2019, onward. Other accompanying side projects include (now unfortunately discontinued due to lack of viewership) - Humility Budget Weekly Cards, Viral Meme Posters (2016-2017) to name a few. Please visit the original repository hub  at andrewwiguna.com for more reading. 

The Book and this Blog both remains as the "non-fictional dissertation/s" of the entire concept initiative. Imploring nutritional authenticity, individuality and sustenanceFor more information on the parent branding please visit the Author's website (andrewwiguna.com/interests). 

3/8 What "nutritional" advice does The Book / Parent Manuscript preaches?

It is much easier disclosing what the Parent Manuscript does not preach. Namely, virtuous paternalism to then politicised ~ scientific Gospel. Broken down as follows:

  1. "Everything in moderation".
  2. "Just eat 'healthy'".
  3. "Just eat a 'balanced' diet".
  4. "Epidemiology is the rule. No exceptions"
  5. "Just be normal."
  6. "Meta-analysis is bullet proof. No exceptions."

This Book / Parent Manuscript encourages instead ~ self-introspection from all outside coercions in respect to "Economics". This Book / parent manuscript encourages exercising scientific frugality (cyclically from "scarcity" then "abundance") ~ in-between any two (2) unorthodoxies. In however ways, form, or principle a reader decide to explore freely for both scientific liberty and frugality.  Cyclical Ketogenic principles, Intermittent Fasting, to name a few thus are proposed here as sustenance strategies.

Many so called influencers (no names need mentioning) solely focuses on aesthetic "vanity" Survivorship Bias. This Concept Initiative indeed admits this to be a governing characteristic of health & fitness. However, it is not its prime focus, alone. Readers are instead presented with a wealth of philosophical contemplations through the following four (4) governing thematics:

  • Fair. Frugality. Authenticity. Individuality. Resilience.
  • Pair. Privacy. Agency. Identity. Resolve. 
  • Self. Sentience. Exposition. Liberty. Fortitude.
  • Mine. Minimalism. Interpretation. Nutrition. Embodiment. 

In many respect the Parent Manuscript indeed fixates on exercising "frugality" or "reductionism" for self-survival. However, far and beyond ~ what readers may or may not take from reading This Book remains entirely up to them. In however or whatever ways they integrate such a principle, influence, or train-of-thought elsewhere in life. Irrespective, please consider reading the Limited Indemnity Declaration.

4/8 Questions Meet Answers Format.

The Book / Parent Manuscript was not envisioned as a long “thesis”. Instead, it is delivered in a Questions-Meet-Answers format. This allows a conversational yet stern ~ tonality. Particularly reserved early on during Chapters #1 to #4. As well as #7 and #8. Readers are welcome to skip much of these verbose philosophical “debate”. But in doing so, an understanding of Nutrition’s relativity to wider concerns of Sociology remains missing.

Nutrition alone is ration. But Philosophy helps express that further to become rationale. Hence, This book is “food”. Ration for both Thoughts and Science.

Where / How shall we begin?

5/8 Read and witness the "Live-It-Forward" Gratuity Model.

For many years since its inception (circa. 2015) this website does not expect arithmetic “Likes” as gratitude. It is however optional, but ultimately not required. Neither the Book nor its Blog ask for monetary donations. Nor its Youtube® Channel asks its viewers to "follow" as "subscribers".

However should anything that this Project compels its readers and visitors, then they are encouraged to donate their's own thoughts in gratified authenticity. Through sincere commenting and/or writing. Hence, "Live-It-Forward" ~ despite oft-remarked as farewell or parting statement ~ deeply portrays a  message for continuous imploration of anecdotes and N=1 experiences as yet another biological undertaking for contemplations. As opposed to instrumental thanksgiving of "Likes" which is  prone for inflationary interpretations.

6/8 Visit and read the various blog articles.

Nutritional Humility™ concerns beyond topics of Nutrition. It is a contemplative space of its author (Andrew Wiguna) upon many nuanced subjects. From Veganism, the Mouse Utopia Experiment, and Survivorship Bias. 

Worthy to read are the Annual Food For thoughts. Comprising of detailed insights on the Author's progressive experiences. Through supplementation, nutrition, psychology, and fitness training. All spanning across each entire year. Readers and visitors will be assured to find days, if not weeks of informative reading. Such intensity of information and experience(s) they may not find anywhere else.

7/8 Transparent revision notices.

Nutritional Humility™ distinguishes itself against many of its commercialised peers. Never a "one-off" completion. It remains subjective for pragmatic revisions for progressivity and clarity overtime. 

This Author (AW™) transparently admits he is decorated with no journalist or writing experience. But the (thousands) of hours spent re-editing many years since 2015 remains both sincere and ongoingThose hours is just for the book alone. Not counting the month/s spent on the Motion Graphic design promos'. Nor phe time spent on writing the blog articles. 

8/8 MeWe® Social Media Channel.

As of March 2019, Google+ no longer bfecomes active. All content have been migrated to MeWe®; a privacy-centric social media platform. Going forward, this will serve as frontal news hub for this Project. As well as that of the author's own personal social network.


Thank you.

Your viewership and written thoughts on this Initiative are appreciated. None of this is supported by third party. All this is written, designed, maintained by one (1) person alone. More importantly ~ all this is a work in progress. Changes come and go. 

Perhaps years later from now - this Project is a stepping stone for something else much bigger.

Scarcity for now, abundance for later. Every virtue spares a vice, and vice versa.


Andrew Wiguna / AW™ / andrewwiguna.com


Official thematics for parent manuscript
Frugality. Authenticity. Individuality. Resilience. 
Privacy. Agency. Identity. Resolve. 
Sentience. Exposition. Liberty. Fortitude.
Minimalism. Interpretation. Nutrition. Embodiment. 

Supporting thematics
Revise. Reflect. Repeat.
Happiness is Inflationary.
Income Governs Outcome.
Every Virtue Spares a Vice. And vice versa.
Future Speaks (in) Past Tensions.

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After “meta-analysis”, and all references one collects, the only final “scientific” citation that truly matters, existentially and ultimately ~ is you. N=1.

~ Author